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Benetti FB276 Project Balance in build on spec | Boat International…

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RT @Altomareblu: Buon vento “Sonny” Renato Levi…

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RT @superyachts_: Tankoa Yachts has signed a contract for the construction of a 71m #superyacht #MYS2016 via SUPERYACHTS.NEWS

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Francesco Rogantin
RT @Superyacht: Tankoa yachts has released information on the 50m S501:

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RT @SuperYachtWorld: The Akhir is back! Canitieri di Pisa sells first Luca Dini-styled Akhir 42S. Read more here:… h…

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RT @sytreports: Tankoa gives an insight into the construction progress of the 50m #superyacht S501.……

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